Godinton Way, Ashford

A neglected industrial corner of Ashford Town Centre is to be transformed into a sustainable housing development designed to integrate with the existing townscape and to provide 83 new dwellings. The development site is in an area of back-land between the town centre and the railway and is mostly hidden from public street frontages but visible at important traffic nodes and from passing trains, so the redevelopment of the land will have a significant visual impact on the existing urban landscape. The design concept has been developed to create a new residential quarter with a strong identity and a clear hierarchy of roads and pathways with distinct character areas. The main entrance and avenue are to be aligned on axis with West Street as a logical extension of the existing road network leading to the central feature of the development, the crescent gardens with garden pavilion and artwork as focal point and visual stop to the avenue. The south western boundary to the railway is to be screened by a series of linked green spaces connecting to the crescent gardens. Houses of 2½ storeys with mono pitch roofs define the key buildings on corners and dual frontages, linked by terraces and groups of houses in traditional street frontages and private gardens to the rear. Planning permission granted in 2015.